Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Deception

The Deception by Maru Angarita

Maria Corina Machado, President of Sumate, a non-profit organization in Venezuela presented at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, facts about the current political and financial situation in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez’s rule.

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As an observer of the political disaster in Venezuela for the last decade and more I left the conference saddened and angry. In the last few days started to figure out how to write this message for my blog, and the best way I guess is to list the items that it my opinion have happened in the abused nation:

Hugo Chavez decided to implement his idea of better government by force non-stopping to election losses, and manipulating everything and everyone around him to do so. This, of course, includes buying out potential investors like Brazil, Spain, and Iran providing the best of Venezuela to them while blocking citizens of quality of life.

While Hugo Chavez seems completely undefeatable and established there are important issues that may end his rule in a few hours: his relationship with the terrorist groups, his alleged substance abuse, his own security forces, citizens complete awareness of the deception that he represents, and last by not least, the fact that as folks in Venezuela will agree more each day is that Chavez is the cause of their misfortune (e.g. Chavez es pavoso).

At this time in Venezuela there are major power outages, and no water for millions of citizens, and as Chavez has said no foreign currency in the nation (please read report from the Comision Administrative de Divisas). Could it be that this is just a farse in order to implement more pressure on citizens to enforce his rule?

I hope that President Obama gets to read this posting, that is, that his political advisors do not block him from reading it. Expert Venezuelan citizens have presented at the National Press Club, Georgetown University, Cato Institute, and U.S. State Department. I have reported on this blog: The Bolivarian Rule of Lawlessness, a white paper by Robert Amsterdam, Gonzalo Santomé and Antonio Rosich.,

Cato Institute has publication “Corruption, Mismanagement, and Abuse of Power in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela” by Gustavo Coronel. Where have the US$800 billions gone in the last three years, that there are no dollars in Venezuela to allow citizens to travel abroad?

If you were to pay close attention to the situation in Venezuela there are many possible violations of democracy, human rights, and criminal acts that have gone unpunished. The worst is the destruction of Venezuelan values, and culture, and implementation of hatred by Hugo Chavez among Venezuelan citizens.

Maru Angarita

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