Friday, September 25, 2009

Bloggers' question to CNN's LKL

The following are some of the questions from bloggers' that were sent to CNN's Larry King Live for consideration to ask Hugo Chavez:

When was the last time that he said yes to a one-on-one interview with an opposition-run television network in Venezuela? Alexandra Beech

hugo…How can you sell yourself as a defender of the poor and of the environment and at the same time sell gas in Venezuela for less than 10 cents a gallon and by which you take away more than 10% of the GDP from the poorest of the poor and give it to those who drive cars?

hugo… According to the audited figures of PDVSA last year each one of the 27 million citizens of Venezuela could have received cash 275 dollars per month. Do you think your government is giving the Venezuelans value for money?
hugo Last week you were seen over national TV asking some schoolchildren boo the opposition together with you. Do you think this is an appropriate role for a state leader in a divided country, especially considering that some of the parents of those children could be of the opposition?

hugo What does handing over 100.000 Kalashnikovs to yours smell like? Roses? Per Kurowski

Hugo Chavez travels the world with a committee of hundreds of staffers. While Chavez spends large amounts of money in his world public relations financially assisting other nations, Venezuelans face hunger, low quality of life, violence, and major restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency. Is this fair? Maru Angarita

Maru Angarita
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