Monday, January 9, 2012

Venezuelan Consul in Miami expelled from the USA

Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli commented on the expulsion of the Venezuelan Consul in Miami as reported by CNN:

Complain and contort as they will (as a matter of fact, Chavez has already ridiculed the allegations against the expelled spy-diplomat) there is certain poetic beauty about sending her back as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is about to land in Caracas for the start of his 4-nation tour of Latin America. One assumes the US government knew about the activities of Ms. Acosta earlier than Univision, but the outcry after their excellent documentary made this expulsion inevitable and urgent. It would be important than all the facts of their investigation come to light so the case cannot be used as yet another 'fake grivance' from the sick (as in mentally deranged) and vote-seeking Hugo Chavez. PMB

Maru Angarita
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