Sunday, July 24, 2011

Announcement Speech (English)| Maria Corina Machado launches her quest to govern Venezuela

The following introduction is written by Harvard Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli:

PMBComment | I thought you might enjoy reading or hearing the speech delivered by Maria Corina Machado in the event launching her candidacy for the Presidency of Venezuela. Maria Corina is an independent and headstrong candidate who with her upfront and courageous stance ups the ante and will no doubt improve the substance of the infuriatingly stunted political debate in Venezuela.

The prospects of a February '12 primary to select a unity candidate to face Hugo Chávez in December is now clouded by the behind-the-scene 24/7 maneuvering (in all quarters, civilian and military) triggered by Chávez's cancer. Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez (as of yet inhabilitated to compete for elected office) have opted to throw their hats into the ring without succumbing to populist slogans or sugarcoating their messages and platforms. Venezuela will benefit from an unadorned solution filled debate. Whether the electorate want to hear the truth from the politicians is another question, but hiding it and trying to out-chávez Chávez seems like a shortsighted and irresponsible electoral ploy for anyone trying to righten Venezuela.

Congratulations to both Maria Corina and Leopoldo for risking much to accomplish much more. PMB

Note: the attached documents are the transcripts in Spanish and English of what Maria Corina actually said during her announcement. It differs very slightly from the prepared text that circulated simultaneously with the announcement.

The new candidate for President in Venezuela Maria Corina Machado was introduced by beloved Venezuelan Hero Yon Goicoechea.

Video link of the formal announcement:

English translation

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